flipMD lets physicians find consulting opportunities and allows companies to source medical talent for their projects.

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Physicians are much more than a person in a white coat you see when you are sick. We have interests outside of clinical medicine and flipMD was built because of these interests. We realized that physicians have a tremendous skill set and knowledge base that was born out of a long career journey from medical school to residency/fellowship and finally as an attending physician. This knowledge may seem simple to other practicing physicians but is vital and necessary to understand for anyone that is hoping to work within medicine and healthcare in general. flipMD simply connects these dots to create a centralized marketplace for our clients to source physician insights and medical expertise.

The flipMD Experience

Physicians hold invaluable insights into how a product, drug, app, device, or service will solve a critical problem within the care plan of a patient, or how startups can adopt and operationalize their products within a clinical setting. While this is already happening, it's just happening later and slower than it should - often for a steep price - and potentially not with the right physician. flipMD was built to remove some of these barriers so companies can connect directly with physicians that are interested in working with them.

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At this time flipMD is not hiring for any positions. But if you are dying to work with us as we build up the foundation of our business, we’d still love to hear from you. Let us know who you are at [email protected].

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